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Raw Banana Chocolate Pudding Pie

Raw / Dessert / Snack

Dessert? Breakfast? Snack?.. yes pleaseThis recipe was inspired by Rose Vasile  She has a recipe for Banana Pie and it inspired me to create a Chocolate Pie with bananas.

Relaxing this Memorial Day, Anastasia, you sent me a message asking  if you can share this recipe that I posted a photo of on Facebook.   all things in this world are to share…to give.. to be of service.. A recipe is never a “secret”.   So.. on that note.. I got up from sipping coffee outside with my husband to post this recipe and utilize my blog. (much needed.. Thank you Silvia)  So many people motivate me and inspire me to share and be of service.

Thank you Anastasia.. you are a true inspiration. You are a wife, mother, yogi, friend, chef,  nutritionist, crafter,  mentor,  creator, giver,  etc…

I love your blog/ website.

This recipe makes four individual pies.

(use ramekins or small pie plates as shown in the photo)

First STEP for Pie Crust and bananas:
* 2 cups of raw walnuts or try Pecans.. I used Walnuts
* 2 cups of organic raisins
* pinch of sea salt
* zest from 1/2 lemon & 2 TBS lemon juice
* 2 bananas (not overly ripe)

1. Process nuts and then and raisins and salt in a food processor until it sticks together enough to form the crust of the pie(s).

Press into ramekins or mini pie plates
2. Zest Lemon on top of crust.
3. Slice bananas 1/4 thickness and bathe in lemon juice to prevent bananas from turning brown.
4. Spread bananas on top of pie crust, yet not adding all the lemon juice in the bowl.


ingredients for first step of the Chocolate Banana pie
First step of Pie.. This is a meal all in itself… minus the Chocolate Pudding on Top

Chocolate Pudding for the Pie

(can be eaten alone.. or with a friend.. therefore DOUBLE the Recipe)

Chill for at least an hour with your friend and let the pudding chill in the fridge  to thicken up if you are going to eat the pudding minus the pie.

* 1 Ripe Avacado
* 1 TBS of Raw Cacao Powder
* 1-2 TBS Raw Agave
* pinch of Salt
* 1-2 Dates soaked for 15 minutes (mine where soft and I didn’t soak them)
water or almond milk
Taste and add the sweetness to your liking.

Put all ingredients in a high speed blender (VITAMIX!!!) Blend until creamy and thick.. Taste and add sweetness to your liking.

Spread the Chocolate Pudding on top of the Banana Pie.. Chill and enjoy for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack or dessert…

Yes please…
Inspired by many, crafted by Julie approved by Wrinkles